Rom Schaerer Eberle: At The Age of Six I Wanted To Be A Cook

artworks-000056794141-a88nt2-t500x500“At the Age of Six I wanted To be A Cook” by Rom Schaerer Eberle takes you gently by the hand into the landscape of childhood. There are lullabies oozing with ‘mother-love’, sounds of jumpy kids at play and simple, stare-into-space tracks. The achingly sweet vocal ‘stories’ of Royal Family are sung by Schaerer; his warm, steady tone flowing with imagined words whilst Eberle plays the horn with a simplicity that is both melancholic and uplifting. Rom caresses his guitar to sound different on every track whilst always creating spacious, considered and sensitive notes. At times you can almost see the coils of his A string as every scrape and pluck resonate.

Cooking the Books is a stand-out track with its robotic opening giving way to the most exquisite refrain of vibing guitar and melodic trumpet, echoed by Schaerer’s vocal-trumpet notes. Syncopated dabs of sparse rock-guitar and buzzing mouth harp serve to heighten the beauty of the theme; the guitar bending and entwining you with its longing. It holds you.

This is a well-blended trio, each echoing the others’ voices, never trying to dominate, but I missed the fizzing energy that comes with an extended solo. In Triple Prism, Schaerer explores higher vocal registers to ghostly effect but Eberle and Rom become a mere reflection as opposed to a solid presence.

I liked Eberle’s When I Was Seven I Wanted to be Napoleon, led with great panache by Schaerer’s Cabaret-style MC. The drunken slurs of Eberle’s trumpet and Rom’s guitar draw a George Grosz sketch of a flea-bitten bar with wrinkled, topless ‘dancers’ slouched on faded velvet, but again, I wanted it to go further. Lou is the final lullaby to tuck us up in bed, but sometimes I craved something more adult – where each musician had the freedom to delve into their wonderfully creative themes in a deeper and more explosive way.

“At the Age of Six I wanted To be A Cook” by Rom Schaerer Eberle  was released in September 2013 on JazzWerkstatt Records. Tour dates include:
Rom Schaere Eberle played Bern (CH), Beeflat, the 4th Dec, and London (UK), Vortex, 8th Dec
Next concert: Zurich (CH),  Moods, 12th Dec

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