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Dur weekend en perspective

Les groupes suisses font feu de tout bois ce week-end en Romandie. Voici ceux que j’ai repérés:

– ce soir (vendredi 13 mai)  à l’Amalgame d’Yverdon, concert de Honey For Petzi avec The Jamborines et Daily Bread.

– demain soir (samedi 14 mai) au Romandie, vernissage des CDs de Imperial Tiger Orchestra et de The Fanfare Kadebostany

– demain également, au Musée d’Ethnographie de Neuchâtel, dans le cadre de la nuit des musées et de l’exposition “Bruits”, différentes prestations d’artistes suisses dont un marathon de 12 heures de Mr… Malcolm Braff, deux concerts de Kassette et Make It Pink et une performance de Olivier Nussbaum et Size.

Enfin, s’il vous reste un peu de temps et comme je n’ai pas envie de radoter, je vous mets en pièce jointe les articles que j’ai fait sur Raaga Trio et sur Plaistow dans So Jazz de ce mois.

Et celui sur Imperial Tiger Orchestra dans Vibrations.

Bonne lecture et bonnes soirées!


The Swiss Vibes compilation is distributed by Vibrations and SoJazz magazine, and Pro Helvetia. Here’s a guide to the 19 cuts on the CD :

Mama Rosin “Quinze Jours Passés”

This Geneva trio has soaked its garage rock in the damp waters of the Mississippi. Already known in the UK thanks to Jools Holland’s invitation to appear on his BBC show, Mama Rosin manage to merge their sound à la Velvet Underground with the accordion of Clifton Chenier. Shall we dance the two-step ?

 Mama Rosin on mX3

Honey For Petzi “Strategy Bravery Honour”

Switzerland’s best kept rock secret. If they came from Chicago, Honey For  Petzi would be stadium sell-outs. A perfect marriage between Wilco and Big Black, Jansenism rock and graceful pop. Lausanne-based Honey For Petzi  have such international class, it’s a crime that we don’t see more of them on the European circuit !

Honey For Petzi on mX3 et sur myspace

Hell’s Kitchen “Wait”

Similar to Mama Rosin, the blues are their foundation and Geneva their bastion. Hell’s Kitchen favour a not too rough sound and the delinquent rock’n’roll of their loony heroes (The Cramps, Tom Waits, Howlin Wolf). So much so that they’ve attracted the attention of the excellent blues label, Dixie Frog.

Hell’s Kitchen on myspace

Anna Aaron “Kind Of The Dogs”

She grew up between the UK, Asia and New Zealand, and now lives in Basel. Anna Aaaron is a singer and pianist possessed with an alarming maturity. Her deep powerful voice, ingenuous piano and gnarled rock sound can be heard breaking through from behind a romantic allure: Anna Aaron has tools of seduction which are hard to ignore. At the age of 23, she’s about to release her second album.

Anna Aaron on mX3

Plaistow “Full CSS”

Plaistow have chosen the classic jazz trio format to deliver a free improvisational sound. From free jazz to rock, this trio encompasses and favours the creation of the  collective. Formed in 2007, claiming Steve Reich as their influence, Plaistow build up their music in crescendo. A musical whirlwind already rewarded by numerous prizes and distinctions.

Plaistow website

The National Fanfare of Kadebostany “Kazak Rule”

Kadebostany is a techno fanfare born out of a meeting between electronics master Kadebostan and the Belarusian accoustic ensemble Rational Diet, plus the odd street musician. Wrapped up in their shared enthusiasm, they decided to create their own country, Kadebostany, and to invent the music that comes from there.

The National Fanfare of Kadebostany on myspace

The Bianca Story “Coming Home”

All roads lead to Basel with this elegant rock formation whose latest album was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. Tinges of country and soul colour their music which is made for large spaces.

The bianca Story on mX3

Oy “Tooth”

Ghanaian of origin, also known as Joey Frempong, Oy has worked with Filewile and likes to mix jazz, electronica and improvisations. He’s already appeared at a few prestigious music festivals such as Transmusicales in Rennes.

 Oy on mX3

Raaga Trio “Nostra”

The Raaga Trio offer a meditative music of fusion steeped in West African harmonies with Andra Kouyaté (Bassekou Kouyaté’s younger brother) on ngoni, Baba Konaté on percussion, Andreas Fulgosi on guitar and Guillaume Lagger on harmonica and harmonies. As yet unreleased but captivating.

The Raaga Trio website


Experimental musician/producer originally from Bern, Dimitri Grimm has spent the last few years combing Europe without respite, doing live shows with material from his three albums released under the pseudonyme Dimlite, numerous 12 inch releases and various other projects under different names.

Dimlite website

Kara Sylla Ka “Yolele”

A trainee of the African ballet school troop, this Senegalese singer settled in Switzerland marries Fulani music from the north of his country with his favourite music from the west: blues, soul and salsa. He’s joined on this track by the rapper Jonas. From Geneva to Dakar, the feeling’s good.

Kara website

Malcolm Braff “Green T”

©Klik Klak

Pianist and organist from Vevey, occasionally found on the Blue Note label, offers a trip to rhythm’n’blues land with a title inspired by Booker T & The MG’s. We haven’t heard such a lowdown dirty groove since Medeski Martin & Wood.

Malcolm Braff sur son myspace

Marc Perrenoud Trio “Alone Together”

Lyrical pianists are not totally extinct from today’s jazz scene. Marc Perrenoud’s trio certainly evokes echoes of Bill Evans and Brad Mehldau, but it’s a trio that offers those who know how to listen an urgency and melodic force that goes straight to the essential: the emotion.

Marc Perrenoud website

Ingrid Lukas “Tuulte Ja Merede Laps”

A perfect example of a Swiss musician of today. Born in Estonia, Ingrid Lukas moves to Zurich at the age of 6 with her parents in 1994. It’s on the banks of the Limmat river that she fulfills her passion, singing. Without denying her roots, she incorporates them into her music merging pop with contemporary.

Ingrid Lukas website

Imperial Tiger Orchestra “Shinet”

Fallen into the Ethiopian music cauldron, this Geneva group of the jazz, rock and contemporary music persuasion deliver an unbridled and progressive version.

Imperial Tiger Orchestra on myspace

Olivia Pedroli “To Be You”

Pop has rarely been so demanding. With The Den, produced in Iceland by Valgeir Sigurðsson (Björk, Camille), the Neuchâteloise singer has raised the bar with regards to both composition and arrangments. Always melodic, her pop is dressed up in an unsettling and fascintaing finery


 Olivia Pedroli website

Who Trio “Still Alone”

An American-Swiss trio comprising of Michel Wintsch (piano), Bänz Oester (bass) and Gerry Hemingway (drums), Who Trio is without doubt the most exciting and innovative European jazz trio, mixing up the quiteness of Morton Feldman with the groove of Steve Coleman.

The Who Trio on Michel Wintsch website

Rusconi “The Destroyed Room”

What on earth possessed this jazz trio to take on versions of Sonic Youth ? Quite simply the desire to go beyond the limits and repeat that which we already know : that it’s just one step between Coltrane and our New York rockers. A step which Rusconi manage to straddle with great brio.

Rusconi website

Samuel Blaser “Lamento della Ninfa”

There aren’t many trombonists on today’s jazz scene. Hot on the trail of Joe Bowie and Ray Anderson, Samuel Blaser is on the way to becoming a truly accomplished musician. On this track he’s accompanied by none other than Paul Motian on drums.

 Samuel Blaser website

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