Time out for Swiss Vibes

Swiss No SwissSpringtime brings change. In the case of Swiss Vibes, this change translates as putting things on pause. As you know, Swiss Vibes is a website that has been higlightning the current Swiss music scene for over five years. It is run by Swiss journalists in French, German and English. At the start in 2009, Swiss Vibes was just a simple compilation, a sampler produced by Pro Helvetia*, sent to subscribers of the Swiss-French magazine ‘Vibrations’. Building on the success of this first sampler, the operation was extended in 2011. Hence, the idea arose of creating a blog to give more information and scale to this booming musical Swiss scene.

From a simple blog, for which I was the only editor, writer and activist, Swiss Vibes quickly developed into a web magazine with articles in several languages penned by enthusiastic reporters: Beatrice Venturini, Debra Richards and HP Kuenzler (in English), Oliver Hochkeppel, Benedikt Sartorius, Souri Thalong and Benedikt Wieland (in German), Timothy Barrière, Jean-Cosme Delaloye, Sophia Bischoff and myself (in French). Swiss musicians quickly adopted Swiss Vibes, coming to us with each new project. Some even participated actively by submitting their diary entries or sending us pictures of their tours. Thank you all for these valuable contributions!

Today, Pro Helvetia (which remains the only structure to finance Swiss Vibes) has decided to rethink its Internet strategy. Swiss Vibes therefore is taking time out to reflect and will interrupt the regular posting of articles. As for me, I’m signing off from Swiss Vibes after five years of fruitful and enriching exchanges. Thanks again a 1000 times to all of you and hopefully see you soon for new musical adventures!

*Pro Helvetia – Swiss Foundation for Culture

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