LEON an extremist and polymorphous quartet, chapter 2

LEON is composed of two bass players: Raphaël Ortis from Geneva and Louis Schild from Lausanne. Since 2011, they’ve been giving life to this project adopting multiple forms and facets as a duo, trio or quartet, based on improvisation, noise and abrasive rock compositions. They have recently been joined by David Meier on drums and Antoine Läng on vocals. For this second chapter, it’s drummer David Meier’s turn to narrate his insider experiences with the band LEON.

David Meier, Antoine Läng, Raphaël Ortis, Louis Schild

David Meier, Antoine Läng, Raphaël Ortis, Louis Schild

I’m on a train to La Chaux-de-Fonds, a town in the northwest of Switzerland. LEON’s tour continues tonight at LAC. After last week’s residency in Lausanne and the release concerts at Le Romandie and Bad Bonn I had a few quiet days which gave me time to relax my ears (yes, LEON is bloody loud sometimes) and catch up with my other lives. I’ve listened through our LP several times and I’m really happy with how it turned out – the music we recorded, the sound of it, the pictures and the design of the object.

Listening back to a recent release always makes me reflect on my own, as well as the group’s musical identity. Usually there is a considerable ‘delay’ between the recording and its release, as in this case. Because of that, things seem to me much clearer when I finally get a chance to listen to the definite release.

One of my biggest concerns in LEON has been that we don’t get to improvise enough during the set. Probably my definition of what improvisation means and can be has changed, but now, listening to the record, I thought that those parts were actually quite long, or longer than I thought they were compared to the composed stuff. Perception is the most individual thing. Still, it’s the only thing we really have.

The train is making its way up the valley towards my destination. We’re in the Jura mountains, an area that I’m not that familiar with. Dark forests covered in a thin layer of snow. They’ve been producing the famous absinthe spirit for ages. Anarchist movements have a big history in this corner of the world. Seems like a perfect setting for LEON.” David Meier

Prochains concerts de LEON

Lucerne, Süd Pol, le 20 février
Bâle, le Flatterschaft, le 22 février 

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