Reverend Beat-Man @London, Buffalo Bar

REVEREND-NUN2One guitar („Fifty bucks.“), one amplifier („fifty bucks.“), one speaker („fifty bucks.“), and one bass drum („from the trash.“) is all that Beat Zeller, aka the Reverend Beat-Man, has ever needed to travel the world. And travelled the world he has! Starting off a quarter of a century ago from Berne he has been highly resourceful in plugging his mad, bad and extremely entertaining brand of Rockabilly into an international network of likeminded folks, and building up a global roster of artists for his fabulous Voodoo Rhythm Records label in the process.

Live, the genial Reverend turns into a berserk monster

REVEREND-LEG1He delivers  his absurdist multi-sexual lyrics in a primordial howl that is part animal lust, post-coital sorrow, and part comedy. Driving himself forward with an incessantly rattling bass drum and occasionally permitting himself a Dylanesque wail on the harmonica, he is a truly unique performer. In this rivetting performance in front of a sizeable and highly appreciative crowd in one of the most enjoyable small venues in London he manages to burn not one but two amplifiers in one performance. Ace!


Reverend Beat-Man played London, Buffalo Bar, Sunday, 17 November 2013

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