“What we saw and experienced in the United States was very inspiring”

BOY_Benedikt Schnermann

Valeska Steiner, the singer of Boy, shared her thoughts with Swissvibes on the band’s recent US.

You just finished touring the US. What were the highlights?

The whole tour was very special to us. It was the first time we toured the US with the whole band. The show at Webster Hall in New York was something extraordinary for us, as it is always special to play in New York. We were very nervous and excited at the same time. People were so nice to us and the atmosphere was great. We were on tour for 4 weeks. We played in big cities and in smaller ones. We sometimes had quieter crowds and sometimes very excited ones. Both experiences were nice. New York was a great crowd, but we also had special shows in Washington DC and in Portland. It was a smaller venue and a very intimate show. We are always very surprised we hear people sing along with us. It’s really fun.

In New York, quite a few Swiss expats came to see the show. Did you have other “Swiss” crowds during the tour?

We had some Swiss people, but there were more Germans. You can also notice the Germans in the crowd as they make themselves noticed. The Swiss people are quieter. I am the only Swiss member of the band. And we have a big following in Germany.

Did you get a chance to meet US bands during the tour?

Not really. Life on tour can be pretty insulated. You spend a lot of time in your tour bus, going from one city to another. You often don’t see much of the city as you go straight to the club, where you play. But we had Jeremy Messersmith open for us.

You also had a good exposure in the media…

Yes, in Philadelphia, we played at World Cafe (ndlr, the cutting-edge rock show on NPR, the American Public Radio). We also played on KCRW (ndlr, Famous underground rock radio station in Los Angeles) . It was really nice and we got 45 minutes of air time.

You played in some of the best venues in the US, including on a Friday night at Webster Hall in New York. How did that happen?

We have a great booking agency, High Road Touring. We were really impressed with the venues they booked for us.

You drove through the whole United States. How was this experience?

It was beautiful. Denver was one of the highlights of trip. We had a day off and our bus driver drove us to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. He always wanted to go there and we were really happy to discover this incredible place.

Did you get a chance to write some new music while you were in the US?

We are not a band that writes on the bus. But what we saw and experienced in the United States was very inspiring. Hopefully all this will turn into songs. The show in San Diego was the last show of the tour but also of the album. We have been touring for 2 1/2 years. We are looking forward to spending some time at home and recording our new album.

For more info:

Boy’s website

Boy’s Facebook page

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