Plaistow, video and interview…

Cyril Bondi

Cyril Bondi

Three questions to Cyril Bondi, drummer of Plaistow, a  band formed in 2007, currently kicking up a storm everywhere they play. Plaistow’s next album, “Citadelle”, will be released on Two Gentlemen Records in April.

Interview first published in french in May 2011. Translation: Beatrice Venturini. Photographer: Raphaelle Mueller

What does Plaistow mean?

Cyril Bondi : Plaistow means two things. Firstly, it’s a disused metro stop in London. Many of our compositions refer to the metro because we love everything that is underground. It’s another way of saying that we can always dig. Plaistow is also a track by Squarepusher. We later found out that it’s also a playground, which fits in nicely with the spirit of the band.

Why have you chosen such a classic format as the jazz trio?

Vincent Ruiz

Vincent Ruiz

Cyril Bondi: We have fun with it. We act as if we were a jazz trio but in fact we transcend this format by bringing to it a dub, punk or electro side. There has always been this desire to gather up extremes, to bring together all our basic different influences. Johann Bourquenez, the pianist, comes from electronic music. Raphaël Ortis, our former bassist, from metal. Vincent Ruiz, our new bas player, comes from jazz. As for me, they say I come from jazz, but I think I come more from improvised music. All three of us have strong personalities and the formula ‘piano-bass-drums’ is the most comfortable for us, it allows us the most freedom to play. We never play any of our tracks the same way twice.

You’re often labelled with the term ‘post-jazz’, does it suit you?

Cyril Bondi: This ‘post-jazz’ idea actually came from us; it’s handy because it doesn’t really mean anything and it allows us to go far and wide with it. In the same track there are moments where we try to just improvise together, others where we try to play the same thing over a long stretch, and others again where we slow things down to the max. And then we might decide to throw ourselves into pure noise…..

Johann Bourquenez

Johann Bourquenez

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