Welcome to New York Bonaparte!

A gig on a Tuesday night can be a lonely experience in New York City for a punk rocker, who made a name for himself with his large multi-ethnic band across the Atlantic. But Bonaparte aka Tobias Jundt took on that challenge this month at Pianos in the Lower East Side of Manahattan and there already are some signs that Big Apple will enjoy the eccentric and energetic Swiss artist’s solo act and residency there in the coming weeks. The lead singer of the quiet folk band St.Claire opening for him on February 19, told the crowd that it would get loud after her show, because “it’s what happens after 10.00 pm in Manhattan”. And loud it got. Bonaparte, who recently moved to New York to write his 4th album, showed his crowd how to make  punk music with just a guitar, pedals and a computer.


Sporting his usual black eye and half-cow half-horse hat, he quickly brought the crowd to its feet with his powerful guitar riffs and his clever lyrics. He opened his show with”Wrygdwylife” aka “What are you gonna do with your life” and filled the room with his energy. One could feel that the crowd did not know what to think of this wild troubadour throwing lines at her such as “No I’m not drunk, I’m just dancing” and “No I’m not dead, I’m just sleeping”. But one guy started dancing crazily in the packed room and he helped Bonaparte break the ice. The slightly drunk dude, who had never heard of Bonaparte before and kept screaming “that’s right motherf…..r”, got his reward at the end of the gig. The rocker invited  him to his next show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn the following night.

Bonaparte played several songs from “Sorry we are open”, his band’s latest record that will be released in France in April. He also played tracks from his previous record, “My Horse likes you” (2010). Among them was the energetic “Boycott Everything”. “I boycott everything that’s not made by my hands”, he sung. During his 45-minute show, he rolled on the floor, sweat, drank from somebody’s drink, jumped into the crowd, unleashed his guitar, ran with it around the place and ultimately got the crowd to convince the deejay to grant him an encore. He closed his show with the electro-punk track “Computer Love”.

Bonaparte has another solo gig at Pianos on February  26 before being joined by his “divas” at Pianos on March 5 and then moving on to Austin for the cool South by Southwest festival. The whole band will be with Tobias Jundt for 5 shows in Texas and two more shows in New York at Union Hall and Pianos.

Bonaparte’s upcoming shows

26.02 | USA – NYC, Pianos (upstairs) – solo set | 10pm
05.03 | USA – NYC, Pianos (downstairs) – solo w/divas | 10pm
26.03 | USA – NYC, Pianos (downstairs) – solo w/divas | 10pm

13.03 | USA – Austin, SXSW – The Belmont
14.03 | USA – Austin, SXSW – Javelina
15.03 | USA – Austin, SXSW – Iron Bear
16.03 | USA – Austin – Marching Down 6th Street
17.03 | USA – Austin – Gay Bi Gay Gay
18.03 | USA – Brooklyn, NY – Union Hall
19.03 | USA – NYC – Pianos

09.04. | CH – Stans – Musiktage Stans

10.04. | F – Tourcoing – Festival Paradis Artificiels
11.04. | F – Lyon – Marché Gare
12.04. | F – Blois – Chatodo
13.04. | F – Paris – Festival Chorus
14.04. | LUX – Luxembourg – Rockhal
15.04. | D – Münster – Skaters Palace
18.04. | IT – Torino – Lapsus
19.04. | IT – Roma – Traffic
20.04. | IT – Vicenza – E20


  1. i don’t know of your aware of this… but he’s a fricking genius

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