From Louisiana to New York via …..Geneva.

Mama Rosin New York 10These three are decidedly untenable. No sooner had Mama Rosin got back from New York where they’d recorded their new studio album under the aegis of Jon Spencer, that they announced the release of three screen-printed limited editon singles. The first recording by the Souchet brothers (same line-up but without drummer Xavier Bray) is also awaited before Christmas. Guitarist and banjo player, Robin Girod, is very chatty on skype – it’s kind of normal since his head is still a bit in the USA.
How did you meet Jon Spencer?
Robin Girod : Jon Spencer plays with Matt Verta-Ray in an incredible rockabilly band called Heavey Trash. It’s real rockabilly, fine and subtle, never vulgar. His Swiss tour manager, David Schindler, gave him a bunch of Swiss CDs to listen to including ours. Once back home, Jon Spencer called him to say that he’d really liked our stuff. He suggested that we do the start of a small German tour with him as part of Blues Explosion. We had a great time together. On the last day, Jon asked us to do some recording with him at his studio in New York. We weren’t expecting any of this since up until then our relationship had been very professional.
Mama Rosin New York_3Are you scared about working with someone of this stature?
Robin Girod : We were scared beforehand, but we were also very excited about recording and playing together. Once we saw the place we were even more excited. Jon Spencer has a studio from back in the day, everything is analogue just like we like it and he shares it with Matt Vera-Ray and Iggy Pop’s drummer. We were stunned to be hanging out with people of this calibre. They were very modest, much more so than the Europeans. Jon behaved like a surgeon or possibly more like an old savant. He let us climb on board a truly fantastic ship. There was a piano and a vibraphone. He told us to try out whatever we liked. We worked nine hours non-stop everyday with a short pause and then it was over. Even if we felt like staying longer in order to work on a difficult part, he’d force us to sleep on it and come back the next day with a rested head.
The result?
Robin Girod: We’d gone with the idea of making a really different album. Whereas in fact, we made something which is an extension of our “Voodoo Rhythm” LP, but with two years of experience added on, a few rock tracks and also some rather sad ballads.
Why do you keep on bringing out limited edition vinyl tracks at the same time?
Mama Rosin New York 8Robin Girod: It’s a bit of a joke we’ve got going on with MP3 and downloading. Of course we download stuff too, but we like to put out these little hidden gems that would otherwise get lost. They bear witness to a tour or to a specific moment in our group’s existence.

(Translation Beatrice Venturini)

The new Mama Rosin, “Bye Bye Bayou” is out since november and will be released in France early 2013. You can listen and buy their music on bandcamp.

Mama Rosin will tour France and Europe at the same period.

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